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Visit Point Reyes, CA - See White Deer

Visit Point Reyes National Seashore in California - See the White Deer

The people of West Marin and the Friends of the White Deer extend a welcome to all lovers of nature who wish to come and see for themselves why our corner of Northern California is a truly unique environment. This is our land of hill and mountain, meadow and marsh. This is our peninsula, amid the endless, deep blue rolling of the Pacific Ocean.

Visit Point Reyes, CA - See White Deer In the highland bluff country, heading south along the peninsula, luminescent mists waft over the amethyst fields of millions of Douglas Iris and other bright seasonal wildflowers.

Tule Elk step from the fog as if out of a timeless dream. Red-tailed Hawks, Muskrats, Brush Rabbits, Coyote, Foxes, and Great Horned Owls make their homes in this place of enchantment.

Alder and Oak, Eucalyptus and Bishop's Pines overlook the ever-changing sea, bay, and lagoons with their treasury of sea life including whales, seals and sea lions, sharks, rays, oysters and crabs, starfish and anemones. Sandy beaches are just steps away and never over-crowded.


Visit Point Reyes, CA - See White Deer Marshes and ponds are only minutes away from the tiny villages of Inverness and Olema. Point Reyes National Seashore is a world-class birding destination, with over 400 species of wild birds seen here. Ospreys sail the skies, migratory warblers nest, and the verdant reeds are home to fabulous marsh birds. Shore birds of every description line the sands of Bolinas Lagoon, and the Spotted Owl awaits each glorious sunset to begin his moonlit flights.

Visit Point Reyes, CA - See White Deer

Locals have been in on the secret for generations, but each year, new visitors to the Point Reyes National Seashore experience a moment of never-to-be-forgotten amazement and wonder coming face to face with what seems to them a creature of ancient mythology. The unicorns of West Marin are, in fact, our cherished Fallow Deer. Come to see them with your own eyes. We want to share this pure joy with you.

Fallow Deer, known in Europe as the Royal Deer, are some of the most splendid and graceful animals on the earth, and are considered a local treasure by the people of West Marin. Beautifully hued in shades that range from velvety black to soft brown to gleaming white, many Fallow Deer retain their pretty fawn-like spots into adulthood. Our seashore is also home to the regal cinnamon-colored Axis Deer. These two gentle species of deer grace our hills and meadows and live in harmony with their fellow creatures.

Visit Point Reyes, CA - See White Deer

Visit Point Reyes, CA - See White Deer In the holy places of distant India, monks have long revered the presence of these deer. Their docile grazing symbolizes the tranquil environment cultivated in Hindu ashrams, and the Friends of the White Deer of Point Reyes, CA also benefit from the calming influence the Fallow and Axis Deer have on their lives. Come to West Marin to experience this sense of unhurried well-being for yourself. Bring your children to see the White Deer before it is too late...

Under the leadership of Point Reyes National Seashore Superintendent Donald Neubacher, the National Park Service has officially declared its plan to exterminate every last one of our majestic Fallow and Axis deer. The Friends of the White Deer, the Marin Humane Society, In Defense of Animals, WildCare and Dr. Jane Goodall request that the NPS adopt humane management of our deer - not extermination.

The National Park Service has begun killing the Fallow and Axis Deer. 2007 may be your last chance to stand in the presence of these rare and wonderful animals.



Visit Point Reyes, CA - See White Deer In the small villages of Point Reyes Station, Inverness, Olema, and Bolinas, we value a peaceful life. All visitors wishing to spend precious time amongst the Fallow and Axis Deer in 2007 will find a warm welcome awaiting them in the many excellent lodgings available here in West Marin. Inns, B & B's, and Motels provide the perfect solution to any budget, and we are confident that you will quickly come to understand the special charm of the peninsula. Spectacular visions of natural beauty are within walking distance of these fine lodgings:

* Please Note: the above is just a sampling of the many good places to stay in West Marin. Visit www.pointreyes.org for further listings.

Visitors to Point Reyes, CA, will find fine restaurants, cafes, and specialty shops. Our community has churches of many denominations, and several beautiful libraries. Athletic individuals will be thrilled with the excellent hiking, biking, and kayaking opportunities, and for those who go at a more leisurely pace, many beaches are easily accessible from parking lots. Whether your idea of a perfect day means gazing out at the bay from your comfortable room, dining in style, or packing a picnic from the local grocery store, West Marin is a family-friendly place with plenty of exciting things to do.

Visit Point Reyes, CA - See White Deer

Visit Point Reyes, CA - See White Deer Join the Friends of the White Deer in encouraging the people of the Point Reyes National Park Service to revise their planned extermination of the deer that are such an important part of life here. Help us to encourage these men and women to adopt a generous spirit about sharing our abundant land with all beings. Come to the Point Reyes National Seashore, see the deer before it is too late, and add your voice to ours in a plea for humane management - not extermination.

Find out what you can do.
Read more about the plight of the Fallow and Axis Deer.
Contact Friends of the White Deer with your questions and comments.

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