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Locals protest deer shootings

Community Rallies to Save Point Reyes Deer, Sept. 9th, 2007

On September 9th, 2007, the Friends of the White Deer and the Point Reyes community gathered together to peacefully protest the slaughter of the local fallow and axis deer. Stationing themselves on private property at the entrance to the Point Reyes National Seashore, the locals were joined by Senator Carol Migden, representing the 3rd Senate District, which includes Marin and portions of San Francisco and Sonoma Counties. During the preceding weeks, an unknown number of does were inhumanely slaughtered by White Buffalo, Inc. and the remains of the deer continued to be discovered in the Park. White Buffalo, Inc. is slated to return to Point Reyes this winter to continue their extermination of the fallow and axis deer. The following report on the success of the protest was submitted by local woman, Trinka Marris.

Hi Everyone,
I first of all would like to thank everyone who came to the rally last Sunday. There were 53 of us! And I think we did indeed cause a peaceful ruckus!

Locals protest deer shootings

I was especially encouraged by all the honking horns and thumbs up by passing motorists. I think it's important to keep connecting with the public, where clearly the majority supports our cause. We also managed to get front page headlines in the Point Reyes Light. The more we keep this issue in the media the better.

Senator Carole Midgen showed up to show her support, and is very serious about taking this issue head on. She is a doer not just a talker so I think she will be very valuable to this campaign. What I am most thrilled about is the new people who came to the rally and have signed on with this campaign. You all have so much to bring to the table, and the deer are truly lucky to have you all on their side.

This week was quite productive regarding the deer campaign. Here is what took place besides the rally:

Wednesday, Karen Wilson, Executive Director of Wildcare, Tom O'Connell, board of directors of Wildcare, and myself had a meeting with the Marin chapter of the Sierra Club. The purpose of the meeting was to ask the Marin Chapter to rethink their support of the lethal removal of the deer in PRNS.

Locals protest deer shootings

The 2 main talking points presented were:
1. The 1st phase of the shooting has proven to be inhumane, based on dead deer bodies found throughout the Park. We also brought footage showing White Buffalo, Inc.'s technique in killing these deer (footage was shot in a Park out East) clearly showing disregard to the suffering of the animal.

2. Showing that their is no URGENCY to kill these deer. There are currently no ecosystems collapsing, nor are there any native species currently in danger. We have time to study the results of the contraception phase, and also time for this technology to get through the FDA / EPA approvals, so as to be used in a broader role here at Point Reyes.

Locals protest deer shootings

I think the meeting was pretty successful. Actually, more successful than I expected. When word got out about our scheduled presentation, Supt. Neubacher and Natalie Gates (park biologist) asked if they could also be there. (or probably Gordon Bennett asked them to be there). But the board members who attended the meeting were quite attentive, and I think at least half of them were impressed by our info. Some asked what the procedure would be to change their position on this issue (Even Gordon Bennett was attentive and not as hostile as I expected him to be.) We and board members asked Nuebacher and Gates point blank questions. I don't think they were expecting quite a "polished" presentation from us and seemed unprepared to answer many of the questions. We ran out of time before the issue and all the questions could be discussed to their fullest.

Natalie Gates appeared to leave the room in a "huff". This is just my impression...but it appeared that way. When our group walked outside, Gates and Neubacher were still standing in the crosswalk in quite a serious discussion. I don't think they were even aware they were still standing in the street. When they saw us, they hurried away...looking very unhappy. So...at least a seed was planted with the Sierra Club. We need to follow up with them, and have updated info regarding the contraception drug. I really think we should ask for the same meeting with Marin Audubon.

Cindy Testa-McCullagh has many contacts in the political arena and is prepared to send out letters to the "movers and shakers" from Washington down to the Bay Area. She plans to get these letters out this week, recruiting as many politicians and funders as she can.

Locals protest deer shootings

I prepared a 5 Bullet Presentation for Senator Migden and sent that off this Friday. I have also asked Don Neubacher for a copy of the proposal White Buffalo, Inc. sent to the Park, detailing the methods and timetable they are using to exterminate the deer. In Defense of Animals has already filed a "Freedom of Information Act" to obtain this info.

Please check back here regularly for the latest updates on the slaughter of the Point Reyes Deer.

Photos by Trish Carney.

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