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Point Reyes Fallow and Axis Deer News and Articles

News Coverage and Commentary

Elected Officials Write to Neubacher - Request Halt to Deer Killings, Point Reyes, CA
May 16, 2008
Thanks to your help, we have successfully convinced Senators Boxer, Feinstein, Speaker Pelosi, Congresswoman Woolsey and Eshoo and Congressman Miller to sign a joint letter which has been sent to Don Neubacher yesterday asking for an immediate halt to any further killing.

Wailing Wall for Fallow Deer, Point Reyes Station, CA
April 18, 2008
On Friday April 11, a 'Wailing Wall' was created on the historic Grandi building in Point Reyes Station, to protest the National Park Service's program to exterminate the Fallow and Axis Deer herds from the Point Reyes National Seashore.

Vedanta Society Monks Caught In the Deer Killing Crossfire
April 10, 2008
When the religious monks of Olema's Vedanta Society made a concession the National Park Service to allow its workers to enter retreat grounds for the purpose of administering contraceptive treatments to the fallow deer which once throve in the park-like setting, it is hard to believe the monks knew what they were signing up for.

Park Service Must End Hunt Of Point Reyes Deer
News Story, San Francisco Chronicle | March 10, 2008
John Grandy, Vice President of Wildlife for the HSUS writes to the San Francisco Chronicle calling for an end to the deer killings.

Seashore deer culling resumes
News Story, San Francisco Chronicle | January 31, 2008
Community outrage ramped up this week after local residents spotted White Buffalo hunters and reported seeing deer corpses being carried away. A rumor began circulating that the hunters were herding deer into a hole, mowing them down and burying them.

Citizens Protest Point Reyes Deer Massacre
Information from the Friends of the White Deer | January 28, 2008
A group of Marin County citizens and leaders of compassionate organizations arrived at Marshall Beach Road in the Point Reyes National Seashore. The road was blocked by a team of NPS vehicles and helicopters were standing at the ready to begin the slaughter of the tiny remnant of Axis deer that call the seashore their home. Plans to herd the remaining Axis deer into a hole and open fire on them were temporarily put on hold today not only because of the presence of citizen protesters, but by the unexpected arrival of major media.

Last Stand of Our Axis Deer Family, Point Reyes
Information from the Friends of the White Deer | January 27, 2008
This week, sometime between Monday and Thursday, White Buffalo's gunmen will herd the last of the Axis deer family into a hole where they will be shot en masse. This tiny herd of beautiful Axis deer is all that is left. The photographs accompanying this article are likely to be the last record of the gentle and proud local Axis deer tribe that the public will ever see.

State Sen. Carol Migden Requests Moratorium on Deer Killings
News Story, Marin Independent Journal | December 20, 2007
West Marin locals hear gunshots near homes and find gutshot deer. NPS claims innocence, but State Senator Carol Migden requests an immediate moratorium on the killings of the fallow and axis deer.

KGO TV News Report on Point Reyes Deer
ABC Channel 7 News | November 10, 2007
On November 2nd, 2007, KGO ran a two-part feature on the killing of the Fallow and Axis Deer here in Point Reyes. The brief story includes interviews with Karen Wilson of WildCare, Cindy Machado of the Marin Humane Society, Natalie Gates of the NPS, and Anthony DeNicola, the extremist animal exterminator who owns White Buffalo, Inc. - the company who is killing our deer.

Community Rallies to Save Point Reyes Deer, Sept. 9th, 2007
Information from the Friends of the White Deer | September 16, 2007
Locals are joined by Senator Carol Migden at a rally to protest the killing of the Point Reyes Deer. This coverage includes the very latest news of our progress and our aims.

Pacific Sun Commentary - The Extermination of the Point Reyes Deer
Opinion Piece in Marin's Pacific Sun | August 25, 2007
A local woman encounters a doe and fawn, shot dead by White Buffalo, Inc.

KWMR Radio Interview with Richard Kirschman regarding extermination of local deer
Local Radio Interview | August 21, 2007
Tune in to this RealPlayer archive of a local radio interview. Follow the link above, scroll down the page until you find the title "Tuesday, August 21, White Buffalo, Inc." on the left hand side of the page. Click the title to open RealPlayer to hear the story.

White Buffalo, Inc. - Animal Abuse, Point Reyes Fallow Deer, Local Horror
Blog Commentary from the Birding Sonoma County Blog | August 9, 2007
Point Reyes National Seashore Superintendent Don Neubacher welcomed animal exterminators, White Buffalo Inc., to our local seashore at the end of July. West Marin locals are seeing the helicopters, seeing Fallow and Axis does with ear tags and collars, and seeing large storage containers that will hold the bodies of the 1000 mother deer that White Buffalo will rocket-net, shoot, and captive-bolt over the next three summers.

Plan to kill deer is badly flawed
By Trinka Marris, Staff Report, Marin Independent Journal | August 5, 2007
As a member of the team that met with Rep. Lynn Woolsey, I reacted strongly and with dismay to the recent IJ coverage of the plans for the non-native deer at Point Reyes National Seashore.

Letter from Representative Lynn Woolsey to Sup. Don Neubacher | July 27, 2007
Read U.S. Representative Lynn Woolsey's letter to Superintendent Don Neubacher requesting that the National Park Service not move forward with their plans to exterminate the deer, and offering support to help find a non-lethal solution to the situation, including obtaining outside funding and a blue ribbon panel of experts to research the matter further.
Click here to read letter

Deer thrive when not being shot at
By Chris Coursey, The Press Democrat | July 27, 2007
Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Petaluma, joined the fray this week with a letter to park Superintendent Don Neubacher (cc'd to Trinka Marris, a park neighbor at the forefront of the "Save the White Deer" campaign).

A Local Birder Encourages Members of the Marin Audubon Society to Take Action
Blog Commentary from the Birding Sonoma County Blog | June 4, 2007
The Audubon Society is rapidly losing member support here in the San Francisco Bay Area of California because of a decision made at an official, Marin Chapter Audubon Society level about a local issue which local people feel very strongly about.

ProHunt - Monstrous Killers, May 2007 update, Pt. Reyes Deer
Blog Commentary from the SEOigloo Blog | May 12, 2007
The SEOigloo bloggers react to the discovery that the Point Reyes National Park Service's intention to hire extremist animal exterminators, ProHunt. This blog post offers a short reflection on the dangers of paying human beings to become machine-like killers.

Easy Target
by Zachary Slobig, San Francisco Chronicle | May 6, 2007
This article breaks the news to the San Francisco Bay Area that the Point Reyes National Park Service intends to hire a corporation of mercenary gunmen, ProHunt, from New Zealand to exterminate the Fallow and Axis Deer. ProHunt Chief Executive Norm MacDonald chillingly describes the kill-everything ethics of his corporation.

Deer offered sanctuary from Park snipers
by Micah Maidenberg, Point Reyes Light | January 31, 2007
This newspaper article covers an unexpected development in the story of the Point Reyes Deer. The monks of the Vedanta Society, who live on a 2000 acre property in Olema, California, have refused to allow the NPS to shoot the Fallow Deer that live on the retreat property. This article presents an interview with the monks and details their position of non-violence.

Deer in Park's Gunsight
by Richard Kirschman, Coastal Post | January 2007
One of the best and most compelling articles written to date about the utter lack of facts and data the NPS has actually gathered or proven about the Fallow and Axis Deer. Kirschman documents his vain attempts to obtain figures or proofs of any kind from the NPS that might show that the deer are affecting the ecology of the seashore. A must-read article.

Dr. Jane Goodall's letter to the Park Service
Dr. Jane Goodall's letter to Superintendent Neubacher | April 5, 2005
Dr. Goodall sent this compassionate and intelligent letter to Superintendent Neubacher in April of 2005, requesting that the NPS stop the cycle of violence and implement strategies that sustain life rather than destroying it.

Channel Islands National Park ex-chief hits cruelty of killing "invasive species"
Commentary from Animal People Online | April 2005
An excellent commentary piece written after retired Channel Island National Park Superintendent Tim J. Setnicka publicly documented the truth about the National Park Service's systematic vilification of targeted animals, deception of the public and inhumane killings of the wild pigs on the Channel Islands.

The Crucial Confession of an Ex-NPS Chief
by Tim J. Setnicka | March 25, 2005
This must-read article was written by a retired Channel Island National Park Superintendent. Read his confession of the truth of how the National Park Service, the Nature Conservancy, and ProHunt create media spins that deceive the public in order to be able to carry out their so-called mega-kill, poison and burn plans. Reading this article will help all Friends of the White Deer to understand how these three entities work, and what the massacre of the Channel Islands wild pigs teaches us about what will happen to the Point Reyes Deer.

The Marin Humane Society's Letter to NPS Superintendent Donald Neubacher
MHS Executive Director to Superintendent Neubacher | March 10, 2005
This letter is the Marin Humane Society's initial plea to the NPS, written in 2005 and asking the Park to find a 100% non-lethal solution to managing the Fallow and Axis Deer. This clear and eloquent letter was one of many that were sent to Superintendent Neubacher, but the requests of both respected organizations and the people of Marin were summarily dismissed by the NPS.

A Taliban Beachhead on Point Reyes
by David V. Mitchell, Point Reyes Light
This thorough newspaper article offers a history of the National Park Service's actions toward the Fallow and Axis Deer from 1974 until the present. Comparing the NPS to dangerous extremist groups with violent ideologies, Mitchell details why the people of West Marin are fed up with park policies.

Friends of the White Deer

Articles and Opinions

White Buffalo Inc. Deer Massacre
Article from the SEOigloo Blog | January 28, 2008
Mourning the loss of the Fallow and Axis Deer, addressing the NPS's media spin, and registering offense at hired gunmen doing business under the name White Buffalo.

FOTWD $500 Challenge to EAC, The Sierra Club, and Audubon Society
From the Friends of the White Deer | December 31, 2007
The Friends of the White Deer hereby offers a $500.00 challenge-donation to the EAC, The Sierra Club, and The Audubon Society. We challenge these groups to poll their membership. If poll results prove that members truly support the Park Service's program to exterminate all of the Fallow and Axis Deer from the Point Reyes National Seashore, Friends of the White Deer will donate $500.00 to the named organizations.

I Don't Want To Be An Animal Activist
Opinion by Kathleen Mahan, Certified Naturalist, Point Reyes Station, California | November 20, 2007
Local Point Reyes Naturalist tells Anthony DeNicola, owner of White Buffalo, to leave West Marin and stop killing our deer.

Oil on the Water, Blood on the Land
Opinion by M. Ellis | November 10, 2007
Few places on earth have majesty or beauty to compare with what the people of West Marin see every day from the windows of their dwellings in Point Reyes. But now, it is November in West Marin and within the past few weeks, the actions of a mere handful of human beings have invaded our precious home with violence, deception, toxins, and death.

Letter from a Point Reyes National Seashore Visitor
by Ritchie Laymon | August 10, 2007
A tourist expresses his shock at discovering fallow and axis deer were being shot at the Point Reyes National Seashore during his vacation here.

White Buffalo, Inc. Begins Killing Point Reyes Deer
News from the Friends of the White Deer | August 8, 2007
The helicopters have been spotted and does are appearing throughout the Point Reyes National Seashore with ear tags and radio collars. The killings are being kept secret from the public, but West Marin locals know that if the slaughter of the fallow and axis deer has not yet begun, we are only days away now from the first killings.

Basic Fact Sheet about Saving the White Deer
Information from the Friends of the White Deer | June 5, 2007
Find out the basic facts about this crucial issue here, including a breakdown of what it is exactly that the National Park Service is considering, what we're asking the NPS to do as an alternative solution, why these deer are so important and worth saving, and what you and your donation will do.

Visit Point Reyes, CA - See the White Deer
Special Feature by Friends of the White Deer | June 1, 2007
This special feature invites new tourists and regular visitors to the Point Reyes National Seashore to come spend precious time with the Fallow and Axis Deer.

Look at the Point Reyes National Park Service trying to vilify Fallow and Axis Deer
Opinion by M. Ellis | May 28, 2007
Keep a sharp lookout or the Point Reyes National Seashore Park Service may just pull a fast one on you! On the other hand, Park officials' attempts to vilify the axis and fallow deer are striking locals as so lame that it would be funny if the stakes weren't so life-threatening.

The Dangerous Myth of Natives
Opinion by M. Ellis | May 28, 2007
Before the Point Reyes National Park Service announced their plan to exterminate the axis and fallow deer, a simple illusion had made my world a happier, softer place. I believed myself to be a devoted fan of park rangers, the Nature Conservancy, the Audubon Society, and the Sierra Club. It has been a painful lesson for me to learn that I have been wrong.

Deer Under Fire
Whitepaper by Susan Russell | Copyright 2006
A crucial whitepaper regarding deer biology and the Audubon Society's support of species extermination.

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