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Point Reyes National Seashore Neighbors Dedicated to Saving the Fallow and Axis Deer

Image of Fallow Deer

In the summer of 2007, the National Park Service began exterminating our deer. Over the past few months, they have killed hundreds of local deer. The citizens of Marin County, California, the Marin Humane Society, In Defense of Animals, WildCare, U.S. Representative Lynn Woolsey, and State Senator Carol Migden respectfully request non-violent management of the deer instead of inhumane slaughter.

The Basic Facts:

  • The Fallow and Axis Deer were brought to the Point Reyes National Seashore by humans in 1948. The deer have since naturalized in the vast and beautiful surroundings.

  • The Fallow Deer range from black to speckled to pure white in color, and are beloved by locals and the millions of tourists who visit the seashore annually. Fallow Deer are found almost entirely east of the Inverness Ridge throughout the Olema Valley. The small herd of the Park's approximately 250 speckled Axis Deer live almost entirely west of the Inverness Ridge.

  • Under the leadership of Point Reyes National Seashore Superintendent Don Neubacher, the National Park Service has hired mercenary animal exterminators White Buffalo, Inc. to slaughter the deer. Their methods for exterminating animals include gunning them down, suffocating them with plastic bags over their heads, and using a slaughterhouse killing device known as a captive bolt.

  • The ugly truth about the National Park Service's methods was exposed by recently retired Channel Island National Park Superintendent, Tim J. Setnicka, who publicly documented the accepted system of false vilification of targeted animals, purposeful misrepresentation of scientific facts to the public, lack of thorough scientific research, and the inhumane deaths of the animals involved.

Friends of the White Deer, The Marin Humane Society, In Defense of Animals, WildCare, and U.S. Representative Lynn Woolsey ask for your help in halting the abrupt extermination of the Fallow and Axis Deer. We are asking the NPS to allow time for a complete study of the deer and their relationship to the environment so that a plan for humane preservation and management can be created.

FOTWD News Flash

Latest News from The Friends of the White Deer

Update January 2011
In 2009 Congress mandated that no more funds could be allotted to the National Park Service to further reduce the size of the White Deer herd. This legislation effectively ended the campaign to exterminate the deer.
Unfortunately, as of January 2011, there are no breeding males left in the Point Reyes area, so it is anticipated that the few remaining deer will live out their lives and die a natural death within the next ten years.

Walk for the Deer on July 27th
Join fellow citizens in a peaceful walk protesting the killing of the fallow deer.
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Good News - May 16, 2008
Elected Officials Write to Neubacher - Request Halt to Deer Killings
Thanks to your help, we have successfully convinced Senators Boxer, Feinstein, Speaker Pelosi, Congresswoman Woolsey and Eshoo and Congressman Miller to sign a joint letter which has been sent to Don Neubacher yesterday asking for an immediate halt to any further killing.
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May 12, 2008
Silent Protest Walk to Save Fallow Deer
On Sunday, May 18th, join FOTWD for a silent protest walk.
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Wailing Wall for Fallow Deer, Point Reyes Station, CA

April 18, 2008
Wailing Wall for Fallow Deer, Point Reyes Station, CA
On Friday April 11, a 'Wailing Wall' was created on the historic Grandi building in Point Reyes Station, to protest the National Park Service's program to exterminate the Fallow and Axis Deer herds from the Point Reyes National Seashore.
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April 10, 2008
Vedanta Society Monks Caught In the Deer Killing Crossfire
The Vedanta monks have been put in a terrible situation by the deer slaughter. It is apparently not their policy to interfere with doings in the outside world, but in this case, by allowing White Buffalo into their home, the outside world has arrived to be reckoned with.
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Friends of the White Deer

Our Plan:
Friends of the White Deer respectfully request that the NPS develop a policy of management instead of extermination. The National Park Service and the United States Humane Society are authorized to manage the size of wild animal populations via inexpensive contraception. The Point Reyes National Park Service has attempted to represent humane management as being too expensive. However, the methods of management they cite are outdated and do not include the simple and cost-effective use of contraceptive dart technology that is currently in use around the globe. In their fixed goal to simply exterminate the deer, the NPS is choosing to ignore the constantly improving field of affordable contraceptive medicines. The Point Reyes National Park Service currently uses humane contraception to manage the important population of Tule Elk. Friends of the White Deer request that the NPS adopt affordable, humane management practices for the Fallow and Axis Deer in order to maintain a small and highly-valued presence of these deer in the Park.

Friends of the White Deer

What Your Donation Will Do:
Friends of the White Deer need financial support in order to run educational advertising campaigns that teach locals and visitors about the importance of the Fallow and Axis Deer. We will be holding essay and art contests for local children who wish to express their love of the deer, and prizes for these contests will be awarded from the Friends of the White Deer Fund. We will be hiring photographers and film technicians in order to visually document the beautiful deer. Films and photos will be put at the disposal of media and educators with the intention of raising public awareness about the special value of the deer.

Friends of the White Deer are eagerly looking for your further suggestions for spreading our message of humane protection of the deer. If you have a great idea, or an interesting resource to share with us, we want to hear from you.

Please consider donating to the Friends of the White Deer Fund.

Not in a position to donate right now? Find out what else you can do!

Spend some precious time with the Fallow and Axis Deer this fall. Visit West Marin and the Point Reyes National Seashore.

Looking for some quick information about the Fallow and Axis Deer of Point Reyes? Find out more about this issue with our basic fact sheet.

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